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Loud Fuel — Service contract in Falmouth, MA
"...We have always been completely satisfied with the level of service and competitive pricing. A great price is always appreciated but great service is invaluable and we have always received it with Loud Fuel. We have utilized their customer service commitment by calling at all hours of the day and night, weekends and holidays and have always received friendly, helpful and courteous service. They really put customer service as job #1, which as we all know, is unfortunately becoming more and more of an uncommon practice with businesses today."

Linda Clark

W. Clark Trust
"For the past 5 years, Loud Fuel has provided excellent, fast and flexible service. Since we are located at the Elizabeth Islands and transport the fuel trucks on a 53' Ferry Boat we have a number of challenges. I often call or cancel on short notice since we need high tide and calm weather for the passage through Woods Hole. Loud Fuel has been very accommodating and friendly regarding our needs. They have also been helpful with information about fuel types, storage and handling. We are very pleased with the service."

Annette Martel

Captain, M/V Cormorant
Workers — Fuel delivery in Falmouth, MA
"I've visited the corporate facility at Loud Fuel and am extremely impressed with the meticulous way in which they run their business. All of their vehicles are as clean as a whistle and the drivers perform regular maintenance on their own cabs, to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. The office staff is so friendly and helpful... I always feel welcome there when taking care of business."

John M.

"You have been responsive to our every need. Reliable and dependable, what more could I ask for?"

Scott Zeien

President, Kingman Yacht Center


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