About Us

Men in front of truck  — Cape cod in Falmouth, MA
cape Cod Oil Truck with Kids in Front — Cape cod in Falmouth, MA

A Brief History of Loud Fuel: From Our Family To Yours

We began our venture into the fuel delivery business over 35 years ago with a single delivery truck in our hometown of Provincetown. We have a fleet of trucks delivering oil and diesel fuel to homes and businesses throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.

In 1994, we bought Loud fuel company with our partner, Regan Jason. Soon after, Mike Tasha’s son, Kabraul, moved to Falmouth from Provincetown to manage the company. After working alongside his father for so long, Kabraul believes he has learned the secret to his success: “There are oil companies on every corner and it’s our dedication to our customers that makes us stand out from the rest".

A responsive office staff and delivery team are key parts to a successful oil company. The drivers at Loud fuel deliver to the same customers so they get to know each one. A large fleet of trucks and multiple loading facilities ensure delivery in any kind of weather.

Loud Fuel also offers a service department with burner technicians available 24 hours a day. In the event of any after-hours call, our customers ALWAYS reach a human being who will handle their call immediately.
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